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St. Barbara Roman Catholic Church


As we begin Lent we begin the annual Bishops Appeal.  The Bishop’s Appeal is an annual fund appeal of the Diocesan Church to support the charitable and ministerial services of the Diocesan Church.  Its proceeds go toward the support of the services of Catholic Charities (annually about 63%), and toward certain Diocesan programs and services such as Youth Ministry, Pastoral Council offices etc. (annually about 25%).  The remaining funds are returned to parishes as a rebate to parishes, which surpass their goals.

Annually, during Lent parishioners are asked to pledge or contribute toward the appeal through the parish at Sunday Masses. Certain parishioners, who contribute generously, are contacted in advance by mail as pacesetters. Each parish is given a goal. Monies collected beyond the goal are rebated to the parish.  Please Consider making a give to this years Bishops Appeal.  There is a link located on our home page to the Appeal.

Thank you for your generosity,

Fr. Brian